Top #5 FAQs for your Car Insurance Claims

Top #5 FAQs for your Car Insurance Claim in the United States

A car insurance claim refers to you contacting your car insurance company to repay the cost of any damages you might have faced by a car accident. Haplessly accidents are an unwanted aspect of life and for this purpose many states have made it a compulsion for drivers to have a car insurance policy. It is crucial that you select an efficiently reliable insurance company that has an easy process for filing claims. If you know what exactly you are supposed to do in an event of an accident, you will be able to avoid much nuisance and make a claim easily. However, there are drivers that are still puzzled about filing a claim.

Below are the 5 most frequently asked questions that drivers have in regards to filing a claim for their car insurance.

What does it mean if my car is Totalled?

Ans: Totalled is an insurance term that means total loss. In a situation where the cost of repairing your car is much more expensive than the value of your car, this means your car is totalled. Many states have a threshold of 75%, which means if the total damage of your car transcends the value of the vehicle, then it is totalled. However, this may be different to each state.

What is a single car accident?

Ans: A single car accident is an accident or car collision in which only one vehicle is involved. This involves crashing into animals or rocks, run off road and rollover accidents. There can be instances where other factors like environment, climate, road constructions or negligence of another may lead to an accident. Single car accidents are mostly considered to be at-fault crashes. In such cases, contact your insurance company to understand if you can squabble this violation or file a claim and obtain an at-fault accident increase when you renew your car insurance policy.

What if someone I lend my car to gets into an accident?

Ans: If another person who has borrowed my car, gets into an accident, the car insurance policy will provide coverage for the damages. Your liability coverage will also provide coverage for the same. In case these damages surplus a certain limit then the driver’s car insurance policy will provide coverage for it. The car insurance pertains to the car not the drivers.

Does having multiple insurance claims affect my premiums?

Ans: When you have a long list of insurance claims, it creates a negative effect of you on the insurance providers. If you have had two at-fault car accidents in less than three years, many insurers won’t consider renewing your car insurance policy. Few car insurance companies give an increase in the case of comprehensive claims if within a three year period more than two claims are filed.

How much time does a car insurance check take?

Ans: Getting an insurance claim generally takes about 30 to 60 days, however this entirely depends on the legal requirements of your state. This time can be extended and can result in the delay of the claim process if the damage is extreme. Another instance that can detain the process can be if involved parties are not available.


In conclusion, car insurance claims go one with a lot of questions too. Purchasing a car insurance is one thing, but knowing how exactly how a claim works is what people don’t fully understand. The amount mentioned FAQs are some of the most commonly asked doubts that people have. The best option is to contact your insurance provider and clarify all your queries, especially at the time of purchasing a car insurance policy.

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